18th April, 2008

Urdu Rubaiyat now in Polish

Warsaw, April 18 (IANS) Urdu poetry, which has made inroads in Polish literary circles in the last few years with the publications of Mir, Ghalib, Faiz and Firaq, now has a new book on Rubaiyat (quatrains), both in Urdu and Polish. The book, by writer-journalist Surender Bhutani, was released by Abdul Haider, a scholar and a former Afghan ambassador to Poland, at the Rio literary club here in the presence of poets, writers, journalists and diplomats.

“It is a big occasion in Polish literature that an original book of Rubaiyat along with its translation has appeared for the readers. People who know both the languages will be benefited immensely,” said Haider.

“These Rubaiyat have the taste of the orient but have universal appeal. One can admire the depth of the pathos along with the sweetness of the Persian and Urdu. The poet Surender Bhutani and his translator Janusz Krzyzowski deserve our sincerest thanks for bringing out such a marvellous book. People who have read Omar Khayyam, Jalal ud din Rumi and Hafiz Shirazi will find new dimensions of Rubai writing,” added Haider.

Speaking on this occasion, Krzyzowski said: “It has become a lifelong mission for me to translate the various forms of Urdu poetry with Surender, who is not only a good translator but a very sensitive poet. The dimensions of human existence and its subtle bondages are very vivid in his poetry.

“The philosophies of pluralistic humanism and life’s romanticism have been sweetly mingled. The tradition of Mir Taqi Mir and Firaq Gorakhpuri has been followed sincerely and with the verses Surender has attained his own exclusive place in Urdu poetry. When we talk of India, his name has become synonymous with Urdu poetry in Poland. I feel honoured to be associated with him.”

Robert Tandora, an actor, read the Rubaiyat in Polish while Surender read the originals in Urdu for an appreciative mixed crowd of Poles and Indians. Incidentally, the Rubaiyat have been translated in a Rubai form in Polish also.


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