January 23, 2009.

Polish movie buffs await release of Chandni Chowk...

Movie buffs are eagerly waiting for the release of Chandni Chowk To China in Poland where no film distributor has so far picked up any Akshay Kumar starrers, EuAsiaNews said.

"It is amazing no film distributor has picked up any movie of Akshay so far whereas his popularity chart has gone up tremendously in the last three years," said Janusz Krzyzowski, president of the Indian Polish Cultural Committee.

"The super hits like Singh Is Kinng and Partner have not been dubbed into Polish. Now we are eagerly waiting for Chandni Chowk To China," Krzyzowski said.

"Here in Poland, Shah Rukh Khan has been the heart throb for all these years and he has been accepted as King Khan. Now the time has come we should see some more variety from Bollywood. We want to see the talent of Akshay," said Magda, a postgraduate student of Indology at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

"The young crowd will love his action-oriented films. After all he is a big star of Bollywood masala movies."

Hrithik Roshan has also been a hit in Poland after Jodhaa Akbar. The film stole the show during a month-long Bollywood film festival last December. For the first time, Bollywood films were shown in 12 cities in Poland.


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