Warsaw, July 3, 2008

Rich tributes were paid to legendary Urdu poet Raghupati Sahay Firaq Gorakhpuri when India Polish Cultural Committee organised a Firaq evening here on tuesday in the Polish capital.

Firaq's ghazls were recited both in original version and its Polish translation. Noted actor Robert Tondora recited his verses in a great style. Firaq's ghazals were translated into Polish by Warsaw based Urdu poet Surender Zahid and Janusz Krzyzowski last year which were well received in Polish literary circles.This time 20 new ghazals of Firaq were translated for the special occasion.

"For us Firaq is a remakable poet and our effort is to promote his verses to Polish audience in a big number. His verses should find a large audience in the world. Poets like him are born once in a century.We propose to bring out an up dated version of his ghazals next year", said Krzyzowski, who is also the president of the India -Polish Cultural Committee.

¨Firaq's poetry gives us a peep into great Indian civilization. We in the West can realise the depth of that civization when we read his verses", said Ksweri Burski, a former Polish ambassador to China and Indonesia. In the past three years Urdu poetry has made inroads in Poland and these two translators have brought the translations of poets like Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmad Faiz and others to the country.



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