Janusz Krzyzowski studied medicine in the Medical University in Lodz and philosophy at the Warsaw University. He received a MA Degree at the university and in 1964 and Doctor Degree in Charite at Humboldt University, Berlin. In 1971 he acquired himself with prospects of application of yoga techniques in contemporary medicine during his stay in Santa Cruz Institute, Bombay and Lonavla. In 1986 he was decorated with the Golden Cross of academic didactic activity. Dr Krzyzowski is a member of the Polish Society of Earth Science. As a doctor he took part in scientific expeditions organized by the Polish Society of Earth Science: in l986 Titicaca expedition, in 1987 dramatically expedition in Tibet, in 1990 the mountains of Thailand and others. He is a passionate traveler, he practices trekking. His takes the particular active interest in the countries of oriental culture and translated many books on the eastern poetry.


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