October 9, 2011

New Jataka Buddhist Tales Collection Translated Into Polish Language

After years of research, Polish writer Janusz Krzyzowski has come out with a new book on Jatakas, in his native language. For the past decade, Krzyzowski has been active in publishing books on Indian music, religion and Urdu poetry. Buddhist Tales (Przypowieści Buddyjskie) contains selected Jataka stories which narrated the previous births of Siddharta Gautama who later know as Buddha. Most of the stories in the book are directly or indirectly related to Sri Lanka. And most follow the Theravada school of Buddhism. “The Buddhist history of ancient India is very close to my heart. My purpose is to introduce Jatakas to Polish readers,” said Krzyzowski.

“I hope that the Jataka stories and other tales in the Przypowieści Buddyjskie would give an opportunity to have a glimpse at Buddhism for Polish readers” said Pamela J. Deen Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Poland.

Umesh Nautiyal

President of Indo – Polish Cultural Committee


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